Money, who is richer than the sea is deep, there will be a new toy. The designers of the Porsche, the Royal Falcon-One ” is launched, a futuristic-looking superyacht. The toy for the billionaires you will recognize pretty soon the ‘curve’ of the design of the Porsche 911.

The ship, built by Royal Falcon Fleet, in co-operation with the designers of the Studio of F. A. Porsche, which is a part of the German manufacturer of sports cars. The superyacht is exclusively for sale at the ‘Camper & Nicholsons’. As a prize, they will not be made public, because that is the only on-demand.The design of the ship is ten years a long period of time.

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the Vendor of Hugo Van Schaik describes the ship as ‘ in a space ship on the water. The boat is 41,14 feet in length. There are five bedrooms for ten guests. In addition, it is still a place for a 10-man crew.Those who meevaart, is enjoying “a lot of the space in an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, yet functional interior”.