As the police at the place of use, a stop in the görden Avenue, arrived were both men still there. They were able to elicit the following facts. The Accused (36) was previously with the Victims (31). After both of them had plenty of consumed alcohol (accused of 3.00 per thousand, of Damaged 2,09 ppm) wanted the Victim on the phone. In the process, the Accused tried, on several occasions, the use of physical force, tearing the mobile phone of the Injured party in to. Several times he tried to beat him the phone out of my Hand. These Attempts are resisted by the Victim, he was also on the accused and until the Arrival of the officials.

The Accused was to the prevention of further offences to the police, the police custody inspection of Brandenburg, and slept off his intoxication. A criminal complaint for the attempted robbery, he has to face up to now.

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FOCUS NWMI-POL/ police Directorate West