to be prompted Just the beginning of the dark Season, which is particularly exploited in the case of property crimes to the police inspection Germersheim, a large-scale control on the main transport axis B9 in a northerly direction. In the case of the large-scale control on Thursday, the 18.10.2018, in the period from 17 to 24 at a full redirection of the two-lane road by employees of the road maintenance Kandel, of Wörth was coming in the direction of Speyer, on the car Park “Rheinaue”. Uniformed officers and investigators of the working group of the gang use section of Landau-controlled 221 persons and 123 vessels under the face Monitoring of the driving and the heavy traffic points. With the participation of police officers of all the service of the police Directorate Landau, the service dog handlers of the police Presidium of the Rhine Palatinate, police officers of the Central services, the police, the Federal police, as well as forces of the financial control of undeclared work of the customs office of Landau, were able to be monitored all the police topics. The evening was by the persons and vehicle checks, in addition to the main causes of road traffic accidents met the crime phenomenon apartment burglary. Twelve violations of the narcotics were found, law. More 21 Traffic violations were punished, in five cases, truck drivers were due to serious technical defects and failures in the cargo securing in place the continuation of the journey. There were three breaches of the arms act and that a driver was not in possession of a relevant driving licence. In the context of the Review of the ability to drive due to alcohol and or drug use 12 blood samples had to be arranged and taken. Thus, 17 vehicles had to remain on the Parking lot, which were seized in 12 cases, the vehicle key. The Technical operational unit of the police Bureau’s use of logistics technology, provided technical support, while the local branch of the German red cross bell’s home took care of the supply of the forces.

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