Director: Along the Kortrijksesteenweg in the Director: in the night from Thursday to Friday, with a pole hit by a car that cctv and ANPR cameras around. The aanrijder he vluchtmisdrijf and it will be used.

The accident happened at the height of the Land Rover, a concession to The Citizen, which is not far from the famous crossroads of The Deer. A director who is, in the direction of Kortrijk and drove, I noticed the speed bump will not be on in a few months, right in the middle, the conscious pole is set up. He / she is blasted for it. The fold is at the bottom of a large bend in the pole, which is quite slanted for a few years. Therefore, recorded by the ANPR cameras, and nothing more.
visual material will be studied as

The aanrijder he vluchtmisdrijf after the accident, and it will be used. “We are hoping that the cameras will have something recorded that can lead to the kind of man or woman, that is the impact it has caused,” said commissioner William Crepel, the police Gavers. “We are, in each case, to the aanrijder to track it down. In addition, it should be examined as to the extent to which the apparatus has been damaged in a collision. It is quite possible that this is a firm price tag and it goes. The post is now out of action, but it will be replaced as soon as possible. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the next week, though.” Anyone who has any information about the accident or the aanrijd-worker, is asked to contact the police.