In antwerp, The Antwerp court of justice of the council has, Compared to that Of the Team is found guilty of murder and Shashia series of poker main event. That is, the jury, tonight it will be announced. The debate about the punishment that he deserves the start on Monday morning. He faced life in prison.

Compared to that Of the Stage on the 7th of February 2017 Shashia series of poker main event at the apartment in the Van Stralenstraat be lured with Pokémon characters. According to the jury it was his goal to make Shashia is to capture, rape, and with her is to kill her.

The defense had argued that it was never the intention of the Team was to be Shashia’s death. She went willingly with him to his apartment. There was a lovemaking session with a wurgseks, which is fatal end. The defense asked for the facts of the case qualify the ‘murder’ to ‘an intentional assault and battery without intent to kill, but to death’.

the opinion of the judges, however, has the Team dealt with from a pre-determined plan. The death of Shashia is not an accident during a sexual one. The jury found that it’s likely that the Team is at the murder of a dog collar has to be used. This is evident from the injuries identified in the autopsy, and statements From the Race itself. He had a collar, but that was thrown out after the death of Shashia.

Two days after the fact, it was the body of a young girl is found in a 75-inch-deep well in the courtyard of the Van den Broeks apartment. She was naked and tied to the arms and legs. The autopsy showed that she is being strangled as it was.