Bruges is A city park right in the heart of Bruges, was the great winner of the competition of The Flemish garden’. Bart Monbailiu from Westkerke accounted for in the design-a haven of peace and quiet and the water in the morning. “It is not only the pool but also to the many, many light fixtures give you a feeling,” he said.

The phd‘, The Flemish garden, 23 years ago, it was founded at the appeal of the garden on the map. Annually in may, all of the professional landscapers from all over Belgium participate in it. There will be prizes to be won in the various categories. The city garden has won the ” gardens of between 150 and 750 square meters. “All of the projects will be judged on construction and maintenance costs. You then have a six-man jury will announce the winners,” says garden, Bart Monbaliu of Westkerke in Oudenburg.