NBA, Philadelphia had its first defeat in the new NBA season is back. The 76ers went with a 114-109 down in Phoenix, so we were like the last team on their undefeated status will be lost.

Devon Booker was the big man on the team. The 23-year-old guard has made 40 points, almost twice as many as team-mate Ricky Rubio (21 pts). At the Top was Al Horford with up to 32 points.Philadelphia had the first five races, but it should now be at the top of the Eastern Conference of Miami, next to sort.

In the Western Conference and it could be the krasselende the vice-champion of the Golden State is still celebrating. The Warriors, who have a number of injured players will be missed, loved and for the people of Portland down. Rookie Eric Paschall led the team with 36 points and 13 rebounds for the 127-118 win. Damian Lillard, sterkhouder for the Trail Blazers, has signed for 39 points.

With two wins from seven matches, will remain in Golden State, but at the bottom of the leader board wander. That is, in the West, led by the LA Lakers.

Again, a player suspended for prohibited substance use

John Collins, a player from the national basketball association (NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks, has been to 25 games suspended after a positive control of growth hormone. We were invited to the national basketball association (NBA on Tuesday know about it. After Wilson Chandler and DeAndre Ayton has been in the NBA a player can be suspended for using a banned substance.

The suspension of the young vleugelspeler, which is an abnormally high doses of growth hormone, GHRP-2 has caused that record will be effective immediately. Collins responded to his suspension in a statement. “I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in myself, because I am of the entire team, in this situation, you make”, she said. “I’m very aware that this whole affair has had a big impact on what we will see this season as a team, to try to make that happen.”

Collins claims that human growth hormone without his knowledge, his body has ended up. “I am my body take, I will always be very strong in mind, but now that I have a nutritional supplement, taken as true, without knowing it, a forbidden ingredient was.” In the meantime, Collins is a procedure, together with the NBPA (the spelersassociatie of the national basketball association (NBA), in order for the suspension to be prepared to fight and, if necessary, to let it soak in.