K as in Karl, “King” (king) or “Kaiser” (emperor). Couturier exception, Karl Lagerfeld leaves the fashion world, an orphan of one of its greatest masters. Creator, designer, photographer, and editor, the legend, the dark glasses was accumulating all the talent. This week, Philippe Labro, who was well-known, analysis of the ” three forces are irresistible, that have made Karl what it was “.

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” This is an intellectual. It is mind-boggling intelligence, erudition and culture “, boasts Philippe Labro, struck by the knowledge and the knowledge of the creator. “It is a character of the century of Lights “, he continues. At work, ” it is a crazy, an insomniac “. Hyperactive and passionate about, Karl Lagerfeld will be worked up until the day before his death. The creator of the German was to present this day-the new collection autumn-winter of 2019-2020 for the Italian brand Fendi at the Fashion Week in Milan. “He works so fast, a speed that allows him to dominate things,” says the writer. But in addition to its ability to draw in the morning to the evening, it is the strength of the human heart that Philippe Labro is keen to highlight. “He has a heart, this man,” says the journalist, before renting “his loyalty, his kindness and generosity,” especially in the difficult moments that has been able to cross the writer in the course of his life. And to conclude : “The Emperor was a prince. “

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