Personal experience Siberian who bought online in the mortgage

Why waste time on something that can be done with a couple of clicks of the mouse? We have learned to buy online clothes, food and tickets. It’s time to think bigger. Alfa Bank started to issue mortgage loans to the remotely — without visiting the office. The first Siberian, bought online, is a 31-year-old Anna Podluzhnaya. She spent only an hour on the formalities.


Anna Podluzhnaya seven years goes from Sochi to Novosibirsk to work: “spent 2.5 hours on the road daily. If you count the month, then it’s more than two days behind the wheel. A waste of life nothing.”

last year, she thought about how to move to the city “By the end of 2019, mortgage rates began to fall — I did. And then there was the program of mortgage with state support. Very low rate of 5.99% — as a gift of fate.”