The Pentagon announced today that military operations in the east of Syria, and increases the oil fields to protect them against the jihadists of the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS). The decision comes less than two weeks after the president, He decided to take American troops out of the north and of Syria to withdraw.

the Reason for the Us presence in Syria, “extra-military means” to expand, according to a senior official in the Pentagon, in order to avoid that the oil fields will be taken up by the remnants of the IS or other terrorist groups.

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According to the American media, would He also have to take the oil fields in the Syrian province of Deir al-Zour. The military leadership of the US will see the site as critical in order to have a return in the region in order to avoid it.

“The United States of america are committed to their positions and, in collaboration with Syria’s Democratic Forces (SDF), which is to strengthen”, says a military officer who wishes to remain anonymous.
Scale of operation is unknown

Over the extent of the surgery, it is known, also, it is for the moment unclear as to what exactly the “extra-military” is defined.According to the American media, going to be the tanks and their soldiers in the Middle East.