TV Land is totally safe (36) is located in a “What a day”, except for the manner in which he was last week in the death of Marieke Vervoort of Pascal Braeckman eye. She didn’t know of the death of his best friend, then it is totally safe to him to solve the problems.

“With a deceased person, you must always be respectful and deal with it. The decision may not have been a good thing in that show and I would like to be excused. I’m Sorry.” The second is totally safe and offered, in the episode “What a day” on Monday night, apologizing for the way he has in the series last week, on Tuesday and hung out with the passing of the rolstoelatlete Marieke Vervoort.

He then had to agree with Pascal Braeckman-to-guest, on the occasion of wereldstotterdag, and put it at the end of the entry, suddenly the news of the death of Marieke Vervoort for it. Braeckman, a good friend, Vervoort, his mouth full of teeth.”Shit, look, I know it’s not. I am just as my milk was back then.

be on the show on Monday, it was Braeckman, again, to our guest, to tell us that he is all the commotion about it is the clip of last Tuesday, are not well understood. “I was not at all of them. Outside of tv, we had a conversation in the same way it was conducted.”

The relevant excerpt: