MIRROR: Around 400,000 student assistants to work at German universities, and the Jobs are coveted. Where is the Problem?

Andreas Keller: There is too little paid, clearly too little. Especially since it is usually a work, scientific experience, or even a bachelor’s degree requires.

MIRROR: How much student earn?

basement: is very different. Now you need to get at least the minimum wage, 9,19 euros gross per hour. The countries have set an upper limit to which the universities must hold: auxiliary staff without a degree, especially undergraduate students, should receive in West Germany, a maximum of 10,27 Euro per hour, in the East 9,87 euros.

MIRROR: Why have a limit?

basement: Which countries want to lower the cost and commitment on the part of universities, therefore, to this limit, in order the get the idea, but to pay more. This ultimately leads to an exploitation of the auxiliary forces.

MIRROR: Where is the Situation worst?

basement: colleges generally pay less than universities. In addition, the salaries in the East of Germany and in Bavaria are in comparison particularly low. This Bayern is financially as well! In order to make the bandwidth be clear: At the University of Bamberg, student Workers get only 9 euros the hour is coming in Berlin soon, almost 13 Euro.

MIRROR: Why paying so much?

basement: There is already the end of the Eighties took to the streets and defended themselves, so that the trade unions were able to enforce in Berlin in 1986, a collective bargaining agreement. The specified wages we were able to increase after a multi-week strike in the past year. So something there has been, unfortunately, in no other state.

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MIRROR: What can you do as students in order to improve your situation?

basement: The trade unions have not succeeded so far, to the countries of enough pressure to build up. It is not easy to inspire students Protest. There is a high turnover of residents, often students are engaged only a few months. In addition, many do not want to risk losing your Job.

MIRROR: Or the Emergency is not perhaps so large? Who works as a waitress, earned mostly even less.

basement: of Course there are Jobs that are worse paid, but also those in which students earn significantly more. Many also work at the University, because they hope to get a PhD position. Two-thirds of students work, by the way, many are in need of the money. Bafög is now a marginal phenomenon. According to our calculations, only about 13 percent of the students receive this support, on average, 400 euros.

MIRROR: Why so few?

basement: The Bafög-rates, and the amounts of the parents will be costs in comparison to Inflation and to the rise in the standard of living is much too slow to be increased. Actually, a lot more students needed a student loan.