Houthulst, Hundreds of family, friends, and family members Saturday morning, a moving tribute was held to Loïc (3). The little boy who passed away at the beginning of the summer, after being in the swimming pool of his parents was in some cases. After that, the family was previously in the inner circle, say good-bye, they now have the opportunity to give one final tribute to pay tribute. “The gap is huge. His bright eyes, and many, many kisses … Loïc had the magic to make anyone to be” a witness, dad, Nicolas, at the beginning of 2020 is a non-profit organization founded in order to peer to help you.

a large number of photos, moving to music, and have a whole range of compelling eye-witness accounts: the manner in which Houthulst Saturday morning in the small, Loïc remembered, it was me. Not only family members and close friends, as well as the old classmates, the 3-year-old boy was at the party. As the director of the school, the staff of the kindergarten, the mayor, the aldermen and the hundreds of other supporters. After the first time, the headmaster of the local school, the word was taken out, followed by the kleuterjuf, and, eventually, papa-Nicholas Depoortere.