Brussels-The old orange valideringstoestellen for the tickets and the network will soon be able to loved ones or alone. The ontwaardingsmachines that, since 2016, and the use have been met thanks to the sheltered workshop, l’Ouvroir second life as a Sesame-key.

From July 2016, the 3.700 ontwaardingsapparaten by the MIVB / stib, from the circulation removed. In the first phase, 300 of the retro appliances, reconditioned for sale. And that turned out to be such a huge success that the STIB is a public procurement partnership.

It was in a sheltered workshop (l’Ouvroir, which is in Brussels and has been since 1927, people with disabilities, a job offer, that is, the assignment of his career. The orange tickettoestellen will be the first of the internal parts are removed after they have been thoroughly cleaned, and then, with buy-ins ranging from wooden shelves in a new form has been created. On the one hand, there is a space for the hanging of pictures, or a post behind the rubber, and, on the other hand, keys can be easily hung.

‘ This shows how to use the stib-MIVB is embedded in the hearts and in the lives of its Inhabitants. However, we are particularly proud of the environmental and the social dimension of the project has been given due to the excellent co-operation between the Brussels-based partners,” says Brittany de Meeûs, CEO of the network. The main character sleutelkastjes from the 13th of november, can be bought for the price of 84 euros. They are also available at the l’Ouvroir, the stib / MIVB STORE in the Station or on the website of the stib / MIVB.