not meet the simplest requirements from the provider, it is advisable to have another Shop to choose to go without Trouble to the desire article. A good way to check the reliability of an Online store, are references from other customers. There were problems in the past with individual deliveries, you should consider well, whether you want to take that risk.

But how is the consumer rights in Online purchasing? What are the benefits it has to provide the provider in any case, in order for a valid contract of sale? FOCUS Online tells you what to look for.

Online shopping – reputable purchase transactions from

Every provider of Goods or services over the Internet is subject to the information obligation. This duty can he a telephone information, the offspring is ready to provide a catalog or detailed information in each article. The following characteristics must be met:

identity information, such as, for example, address, telephone and Fax number and a valid E-Mail address must be clearly identifiable.There is a clear Information about the essential characteristics of goods or services.The type of price calculation must be transparent. To do this, the price of goods, taxes, shipping costs and any discounts or Discount.Payment types (at least one of them should be free of charge for you), delivery deadlines and delivery terms to learn before the final purchase.Notes as to liability for defects, warranty, guarantee and return options should be listed. Equally important is information to the customer service and precise operating instructions that you need to get at the latest with the delivery.In the case of subscription contracts, which you conclude over the Internet, you get clear explanations in terms of the duration, the total price of the billing period, if any, fixed costs (for example, for a connector-free circuit) as well as in summary, the exact total monthly expenses.

All of the information that the seller makes in connection with the order process, to be part of the sales contract. Deviations are only with the prior written agreement of both parties. FOCUS Online/Wochit Online Shopping

buying Online – what I ordered is what is delivered?

your order form on the Internet must clearly identify which order item to your Online buying. You need to be clear and evident before you complete the contract. Check this information carefully before you order for a fee. Subsequent corrections are usually associated with a lot of effort.

you can order goods or services online for a fee, must also be clearly visible. Usually this is done by the Button “order payment paid” you need to press to complete the order process. This Button is labeled incorrectly and does not recognize that costs are incurred, they are not obliged to pay.

Untrustworthy, and not admissible Extra-shops with services not you wanted to order. Often something like this happens in the order of an Internet connection. You will then be provided under certain circumstances, a non-desired security package in the bill, because it is a note in the General terms and conditions. This is legally not tenable and the additional services you must accept or pay.

The Plus when buying Online is your right to

Regardless of whether you have received the Online purchase all the prescribed information or not, you have the right, within 14 days without giving reasons, withdraw from the purchase. This revocation must be inserted in writing, and evidence can be presented. Here is the date of mailing, not the receipt by the seller. Deviations are possible, if the order, for example, are custom-made or personalized items. Here is a right of withdrawal may be excluded.

The deadline for withdrawal starts on the day that you have the goods in full. In the case of services it starts on the day after the conclusion of the contract. The seller is obliged to inform you explicitly about your right of revocation. He fails to do this, the period begins with the day on which you receive the Information later, but no later than one year and 14 days after you received the goods.

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