The economy and The fabric for one of the last manufacturing plants in Canada. The industrial initiatives of the late prince Rainier III (1923-2005) and is practically not plant more.

the company Foreplast in the Avenue Albert II, is going to be closed. The factory plastic handles and other car parts are to be made, let it be known before the production is shut down and closed. Nearly sixty of the workers will lose their jobs. In the factory, in 1955, founded by Charles Manni, the grandfather of the Monaco race-car driver Charles Leclerc.

It’s a remnant of the plants that are there, with the support of the Rainier and foreign investors in the mid-fifties and established, especially in the western part of the small principality that in the World as it is called. In 1965, she spent almost half of the Monaco employment in the industry.

But in the meantime, china’s ultra-rich-state of 2 square kilometres to match any plants any more. The land price per square meter amounted to nearly € 50,000. She and Hans, the Union of Monaco trade Unions takes in the sad way: “A piece of the history of Monaco is being lost, it was traumatic.”