A 70-year-old man has been found dead and five people are still unaccounted for after heavy rains in Catalonia, in the northeast of Spain. Together, the five of them, according to news site dedicated to Catalan News, a Belgian truck driver, who, since 18: 30 without a trace, it is. Well, the traffic on the road and on the track and in the sky, it is heavily distorted.

in The body of the drowning of the seventies from the village of Arenys de Munt, was found on the beach in Caldes d’estrac, which is 40 miles to the north of Barcelona, the local police and reported it. The two of them were staying in a bungalow by the water and was swept away in Vilaverd, about 30 kilometres south of Tarragona, and two of them were on board of a vehicle, which was found in a river in the village, the village is in Espluga de Francoli, in the same area.

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Catalan News reports that a Belgian truck drivers, since the 18: 30 without a trace, and a 35-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter were injured at a campsite near Barcelona, spain. They were taken to the Sant Celoni hospital with minor injuries.

tv stations showed up today, images of the villages that were engulfed by the thick mud of a bridge that was washed away and buildings were carried along by wildwaterstromen. The president of the region of Catalonia, and the point has already been visited.


Fifty roads to be closed off to car traffic, and the rail is at rest, between Figueras, in Catalonia and Perpignan in France. Dozens of flights were diverted to other airports. Approximately 30,000 households were this morning without power, for up to 20,000 of them, and the failure was restored by the evening. Dozens of churches kept schools closed.

It has been over the course of the day, a little less rain, but for the protection of Catalonia, and will remain vigilant in.