On the roof of the historic building earned an outdoor bar. How to get there and what is on the menu

From Friends younger brother was born — Friends Above, which at first glance looks like summer terrace of the honored places, and in fact it is a separate institution. Moreover it’s full rooftop bar (rooftop bar), such in Novosibirsk can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov learned how managed to open the institution in a historic building, than there fed and watered. But at the same time decided to recall where in Novosibirsk it is possible to go to look down on the world.

the Concept of a rooftop bar, has long been distinguished as a separate genre. It involves not just the location on the top floor of the building, namely the roof, so that you can in good weather, soak up the sun, and by night lift up your head and see the stars. Well, or at least the moon — in the big cities now in heaven many will not consider.