Dilbeek Charles Tilley from Dilbeek will be up and running on Sunday for the fourth time, sky diving in Zeeland, the netherlands. Notable: rudy is 96 years old. “But if it was me, I jump to the next two years out of a plane,” he explains.

Charles currently resides in a senior home Dilhome. On Sunday, he will once take a trip over to holland to get it… out of a plane to jump out. “A few years ago my son, Carl, about a parachute jump,” says Charles. “I told them that I wanted to do it. Carl thought, ” of course, it sounds totally fake, but I méénde it. That’s when it became clear, that we have it done. What my doctor said. That is, there is nothing in my heart, and I’m sure I still have twenty years to live. The doctor gave the green light for the jump. I’m enjoying my time to the fullest.”