The death toll following the devastation caused by hurricane Hotel in the Bahamas has risen to 50 in the future. According to a new assessment of the police department. It is feared that this number will continue to go up, because there are so many of them.

Thousands of residents in the affected islands, the largest of the islands of the Bahamas: in New Providence. The others went to the United States, but in order to be able to have citizens without a visa, a passport and a certificate of good conduct and morals, are necessary.

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The Us president, Donald Trump said Monday that everyone has the correct documents have to be country to be allowed to. According to the president of the Bahamas have a problem with people who are illegally in the country, have been received. “I’m not going to allow people who do not come to an End if the united states is coming,” said Trump. He was talking about “poor people, poor children, and very, very, very bad people”.

Saturday night, a group of refugees from the Bahamas, stopped when they wanted to board a ferry leading to the American city of columbus would have to sail.