The package had it all: A pig’s head was in the box. At the same time, a message of Hate to a Turkish lawyer, has made as a defender in Terror cases against militant Islamists a name. The anonymous sender of suspected, apparently, that it would be for the lawyers to be a devout Muslim, the pig shuns like the plague. But far from it. The criminal defense lawyer who does not want to read his name on FOCUS Online, belongs to the secular representatives of his Guild.

criminal defense attorney: “I’m such a Levy sporty”

hate messages against lawyers in terrorist methods are, according to the Frankfurter criminal defender Ali Aydin on the agenda. “As soon as the TV reports a new, state protection process, in which I sit, will follow the next days on a number of e-mails.”

The tirades usually go below the belt: “get the Fuck out of Germany,” it says, or it will be announced, following violent Attacks. “Some are even so stupid that they leave at the end of the Mail to your ID.” Most recently, it had been an insurance agent, have him defamed evil. “I’m such a Levy to be sporty, you have to live with as a lawyer.”

“in retaliation, we kill your daughter,”

Aydin occurs often together with his colleague Seda Basy-Yildiz in Terror-processes. The Frankfurt defender, who took in the trial against the right-wing kill squad NSU, members of a victim, is at the center of nasty propaganda by a circle of suspected right-wing police officer from the 1. Area of the Hessian metropolis.

in August 2018, the officials faxten to the secret, private address of the lawyer, the following threat: “the Bad Türkensau! Are you doing Germany is not finished. Fuck you dear, as long as you’re still alive, you bastard!“ In addition, the anonymous writer threatened: “in retaliation, we kill your daughter.” Under the Text was signed “NSU 2.0”.

The state office of criminal investigation (LKA) since then, against five police officers, have exchanged in a chat group of extremist movements and by request at the service computer is the address of a lawyer is procured. Apparently, the investigations seem to be on more suspected cases.

In the Appendix of child pornographic Material

lawyer Aydin stressed to FOCUS Online that his colleague can these messages not impress found might be in. He yesterday received a Mail from a anonymous also with the Label of “NSU 2.0”. The Ellen long, the FOCUS Online, dripping treatise of confusion of versions.

The sender is””, and calls for the Wehrmacht, among other things, tens of millions of euros in the crypto-currency Bitcoin. The message went to a number of attorneys with an immigrant background, members of the Bundestag, to the Federal criminal police office and the Prosecutor General’s office. Is threatened with murder, terrorist attacks, or even with the sexual abuse of children, the attorney Basay-Yildiz. In the Annex to child pornographic Material was found, possibly. “We also want to allow any Form of attacks on our platforms,” it says in the crude Pamphlet.

Cologne’s lawyer sees through the hate mail denigrated

the lawyer Aydin takes the Mail seriously: “This is a copycat, a Retard. Such people should not pay too much attention to. Because otherwise, many more yet to come on the stupid idea to send such Mails.“

was His Cologne colleague Mustafa Kaplan has, however, file a criminal complaint against an Unknown person. He sees through the hate mail is being vilified, because he represented the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the lawsuit against the Comedian Jan böhmermann.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit extreme Right have 25,000 names on enemy lists