Now just plateau in Russia for the first time the number had recovered from COVID-19 exceeded the number of people infected

For the past day in Russia recorded 8764 case of coronavirus, 9262 person recovered, 135 died. For the first time since the start of the pandemic the number of infected is less than the number recovered and this is a good sign! All in all, COVID-19 ill 308 705 people, 85 392 — discharged from the hospital, 2972 — he died, reports the Federal oberstab. With suspected coronavirus infection there are 274 thousand Russians, laboratory countries spent 7.5 million tests.

In the world, according to the University of Hopkins, recorded 4 900 253 case coronavirus infection. The top three countries where most infections, little has changed: the first place the United States (over 1.5 million infections), the second — Russia, the third place was Brazil (271 885 official cases). The country has pressed Britain, which recorded 250 million infections with coronavirus.