Novosibirsk staged pickets on Lenin square — talk what they want

the Evening of August 16, on Lenin square, the city’s residents stood in the picket line. It stood a few people: by turns they succeeded each other at the monument to Lenin. As it turned out, each participant of this event had its own reason to be here. NGS found out what problems I want to draw attention to the protesters.

I came to a picket on the protection of Kustow is a Shihan in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the head of the Republic of radium Khabirov allowed to destroy for the sake of mining of limestone for Bashkir soda company. The last two days the defenders of the mountain going around the mountain. And the authorities, security forces, including the heads of district administrations, ransacked the camp [of the protesters] was bombed, brought riot police in helmets. The defenders were beaten with truncheons, sprayed with tear gas, totally bombed the camp. Today, advocates went on an environmental cleanup to clean up the garbage after the Bashkir company held its intimating, so to speak, and still came the riot police, police and chopovtsy — they also beat defenders, sprayed with tear gas. More than seventy people were detained yesterday, they are now in remand. Lawyers to them is not allowed. I am against this outrage against the inhabitants of the Republic and those who help them to protect the mountain, — said Lilia Chanysheva.