Novosibirsk businessmen can breathe,

“Yandex.Cards” continue to support small business and launch a single priority placement for organizations. This will help entrepreneurs to quickly get customers from different sources — “Yandex.Cards”, “Yandex.Direct” advertising network “Yandex”. The system will automatically direct the traffic to where there is demand for its services, and the cost per click is optimal.

Many institutions during the regime of isolation was closed to the public, but continued to work away, started shipping or distribution of goods. They did not have the resources to quickly respond to the situation and change strategy of attracting customers. Novosibirsk business is no exception.

a Single location will save entrepreneurs time and optimizes the cost of advertising. Businesses do not have to spend time preparing and configuring the ads separately for each source. Especially relevant now is geo-targeting that displays ads within a certain radius and attracts customers nearby. To support small business, “Yandex.Cards” will provide entrepreneurs 7000 rubles for accommodation.