Novosibirsk blogger videotaped a trip to the local water — so beautiful you have not seen them

Novosibirsk blogger Stanislav Razhev took video of their two-day journey through the local waters. In the shot of the gateway, the island of Cossack Wonderland, Borowski island, the island Sucks. The shooting took place on a boat Velvette 20 and from the height of bird flight. In combination with imposed music sight left a fascinating and very atmospheric.

— this weekend me company were the wife and younger son. The journey lasted for the entire weekend. First ride 90-100 miles down the river to the rocks and Islands of the Cossack, and then returned to Berdsk, and reached Islands in the area Novopichugovo and Bohr, — told the correspondent NGS Stanislav Razhev.