Not closed, but open a new café in the heart: for lunch they serve soup with meat and meatballs beef

Some owners closed the restaurants because of the pandemic, while others, discover new places and summer terrace. Recently on the Station railway, 16 opened a self-service restaurant “Sunny day” (the city of the same name already twenty institutions). The article tell what new meals are prepared by a brand chef and the kitchen network built safe production.

For lunch, soup with honey, khachapuri and cakes

lunch in the dining room of Novosibirsk remains one of my favorite ways to eat between cases. This is not surprising — lunch with first, second course and dessert is not only much satisfying eaten on the run sandwich, but healthier. Restaurants self-service networks, “Sunny day” located near the shopping and business centers, so there is always a lot of guests, and the dishes on the shelves for a long time. A new pub on the Station railway, 16 has been working for more than a month and delights visitors with novelties.