In north Korea, There has been a lack of progress in relations between North Korea and south Korea, the United States of america, and the hostilities between the two countries are to hold on to. That said, the North Korean news agency KCNA today.

In a statement late Kim-Jong-uns right hand side of Kim Yong-chol to know that it was a mistake, it would have been from the US, the deadline for the “close personal friendship” between the U.s. president and Donald Trump as well as the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un is to ignore it. The latter has, after all, a deadline is set by the end of 2019 at the latest, for talks with the US on denuclearization.

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Kim Young-chol, was the envoy to the nuclear talks with the united states, in the negotiations between the two countries and spoke and walked out during a meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un ” in Vietnam and in the month of February.

VolgensKim Yong-chol entering the united states are now in a “sluwere and more depraved manner,” the press in North Korea, in lieu of to the North Korea’s demand for a new approach. The US is insisting that there are also other countries to impose sanctions on North Korea on it.

Kim Young-chol is hoped that the relationship between the united states and North Korea do not demonstrate that there is “eternal enemies, no eternal friends for life,” reads the statement.

a Few days ago, North Korea is to South Korea, to be their resort, Kumgangsan, a mountain in the North, near the southern border, and it is a symbol of the cooperation between the two countries, and to remove it. The resort, according to Pyongyang, “tiny” and the “means of production”.

North Korea had sent to this end of Friday, alerts you to the Ministry of Unification in Seoul, south korea, which is responsible for relations between the two parties, and the Hyundai Group, whose subsidiary Hyundai Asan Corp. and was responsible for the construction of the resort. The document demands North Korea, and that the buildings are to be demolished.