The car, When Volkswagen has a new Golf reveals, is that, that is great news. Today, Volkswagen is for the first time, the all-new eighth-generation. And he’s filled with the most modern technology.

Due to the absence of the electric drive system of the new generation of petrol and diesel is expected to be significantly lower than that of the deID.3. The electric family car will come in next year and more than 40,000 euros, while the price of a Golf round, the 25, 000 euros is supposed to start. The exact prices will make of the Volkswagen, later known as.

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There are several different versions of the schedule that will have the help of electricity. So, you get to choose out of the so-called mild hybrids, with a stronger electrical system to 48 Volts. In this case, there is a larger battery under the rechtervoorstoel, in which the Wave is braking energy to be captured. The energy, the car can then be used, for example, the climate control and the radio running while the engine is turned off. Due to this, the popular Volkswagen up 12-percent more fuel efficient than the previous model.

in addition, there are two versions that you can use to charge it with a plug. With such a plug-in inhybride you can find the first fifty kilometers in pure electrical drive, which is a conventional petrol engine, the work takes over. You can use this for your day to day journeys, electric cars, and on holiday without having to worry about the charging points and the battery, stress on the road. For the first time, gives Volkswagen two versions of the plug-in Golf is the least powerful produces 150 kw (204 hp) of power, and is called the e-Hybrid, while the more expensive UNIT with 180 kw (245 hp) will be just a bit stronger.