No pain isn't always a sign of health: an experienced gynecologist told me that every woman should know

“Modern diagnostics has reached such a level that doctors often joke: there are no healthy people, there nedoobsledovannye. Of course, this is a joke, there are perfectly healthy and almost healthy people. But our task is not to let the disease that can significantly affect the health of women, to identify it in time to take action.

This cardiovascular disease, cancer, and hormonal disorders that can lead to very different problems,” — says Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, honored doctor of the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist with more than 40 years of experience is the founder of “Clinic of Pasman” Natalia Pasman.

Why go to the gynecologist?

as a Preventive measure to visit the gynecologist is needed even if nothing hurts. The pain is the “watchdog” of health. Well, if something hurts — and the woman comes. But there are patients that 4-5 years was not a gynecologist, because nothing hurts is unacceptable. To the gynecologist it is necessary to visit, because there are problems that did not manifest itself: with the cervix, with the breast etc those who regularly visit a gynecologist and do the basic minimum of research time identifies the problems, returns health.

What and how often to check?

If a woman all right, in the minimum standard includes: half-yearly gynaecological ultrasound, once a year, smear on Cytology, colposcopy, smear on flora, gynecological examination, tests for thyroid hormones because we live in a region with iodine deficiency. This is the minimum that is necessary for each woman.

If the woman did not bother and we don’t see problems with the cervix, it is possible for other infections to explore. But if she has some complaints of pain, we see spikes, a clinic of endometritis, inflammation of the uterus, we are examining infection: using the technology of “familar”, PCR, do crops, etc. If a woman comes with specific PRthe issue, it is assigned a broader survey.

Sometimes see couples for infertility issues: male says that he is bad, and women good, asks for advice, I give him a recommendation and sent to the urologist. The woman says, and I have all normal. I said, well, if you came anyway, let me see you, let’s talk. Begin collecting medical history, which is 90% of diagnosis, you know that she had endometriosis and not all shiny and she has more problems than men. Do ultrasound, and this is confirmed, followed by surgical treatment.

Operation it’s scary?

Almost any woman, when she hears the phrase “gynecological surgery,” fear, if not terror. But with the development of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy no reason for this. Operations are performed without incisions, not last long, are under the control of the camcorder, under a light non-toxic anesthesia, painless, and on the 1-2 day a woman lives as before. Even if she just removed the cyst, ovarian tumor, uterine fibroids or adhesions…

Laparoscopic operations are performed without incisions, through punctures in the anterior abdominal wall in pelvic organ prolapse (prolapse and uterine prolapse and vaginal walls); when a woman has cysts, benign ovarian tumors; ectopic pregnancies, uterine fibroids, adhesive process, which causes pain and affects the quality of life of women. After they patients are discharged 2-3 days and observed at the gynecologist as an outpatient.

Hysteroscopy is the “gold standard” of treatment and research in operative gynecology: the uterus is introduced to the chamber, examined the pathology, then precisely, if needed, the operation is performed under control of the video — the doctor sees that dissects that removes. Without the hysteroscopy we have not performed any operation for the loss of pregnancy (missed miscarriage), under the control of hysteroscopy removed polyps, fibroids, is the dissection of adhesions, which prevent natural pregnancy. In the process of hysteroscopy, we also take material for biopsy. The operation is performed under short intravenous anaesthesia. This is a 2 hours stay at the clinic and issued to the outpatient gynecologist.

— do Not be afraid of operations. They are very short and painless. Conducted under anesthesia is very high quality, which is easily tolerated. The operation is non-traumatic, and the patient quickly recovers and returns to normal life. Pain syndrome after such operations usually are not a concern 1-2 times assigned NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), not more. And procrastination is always an aggravation. If you have any education in the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the faster we operate, the faster the histological study of education, the higher the likelihood of full recovery. It is not necessary to tighten, to raise education to the size, when minimally invasive methods are not applicable and required abdominal surgery or, God forbid, cancer treatment, — said Natalia.

In the “Clinic Pasman” you can go through all kinds of diagnostics, from routine analyses to tests for tumor markers, sigmoidoscopy (rectal) and all that you may need when preparing for surgery.

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