Leopoldsburg-We will have a laugh at the two women tooghangers, and cried a lot to get a lethal shot, and we thought ourselves at a festival, is seventy-five years ago, it would take a child to oorlogje played out on the streets, lived with a German photographer, and have fallen in love with a very sensual dancer. The Big Rappel2 it was a sight that we never thought of it in Leopoldsburg, it would be possible. If it were possible, we would still have to applaud it.

In fact, we have to feel sorry for the population of Leopoldsburg, which is not (yet) have a ticket bought for one of the top ten shows. For several months, it will be the presentation of the subject of discussion in the community. More than 600 attendees, with more than 400 actors, and more all from your own region. It is, according to the director, Luc Stevens, no professional, even though we find that hard to believe. The first edition was a huge success, this one was even bigger, and more involving.