Sint-Truiden, belgium, In the hall of Sint-Truiden, belgium was the Saturday afternoon of the jubilee by Nina Derwael (19) in place. The Truiense won the world Championship in artistic gymnastics in Stuttgart, germany, gold on the bridge and the uneven bars. Many young Limburg, gymnasts, and gymnasts were with their hero in the picture. The city council has stated that the new sports hall at Derwael, it will be referred to as.

There were over 400 people at the gym. This was brought home to His Grossen, general manager at Gymfed, first of all, the word. He also emphasized the importance of the Derwael to the gym in Flanders, We may certainly speak of a Nina effect. Anyway, it is our discipline, in the elevator, and her performance is sure to be a boost. So much so, that the demand is outstripping the supply.”

After a demonstration by the local turnkring of the Auks, the word went to the city council. As a proud mayor, Veerle Heeren (CD&V) told me about them in the excitement of the game from its inhabitant follows: “I was a typical “brown cafe” is prepared and that it was filled to the brim. Around me I heard the men in admiration, calling “us, and Nina was that pole, and hung up”. We’ll have to post a good on a rivet!”