Style-Tuesday morning, it announced that Kevin Plank of sportswear brand Under Armour, to stop, to give up, and not much later, Mark Parker of Nike, to know that he has given his stick to pass it in January, by the year 2020. In a remarkable decision, because Nike, this year, in which Parker was to the post-2020 the CEO, it would have been.

Parker had been around since 2006, the CEO of Nike, and it was not good. Earlier this year, several people have resigned because they figure to be in the corridors of the enterprise. The New York Times has reported that senior executives, often openly, the women were there to genderdiscriminatie is that both of the companies have team-building activities sometimes it could end up in a strip club.

Nike was Tuesday, though a drop-in replacement for Parker is well-known, and John Donahoe is next. He has been working since 2014 for the company, and is now being promoted to the position of chief executive officer. “I am glad to be with John and to welcome them to the team,” let Parker know in a statement. “His expertise in digital commerce, technology, leadership, and global strategy to make it along with have a good relationship with the brand, could be the right person for the company’s digital transformation.” The announcement comes as something of a surprise, especially since Nike had reported that Parker was not till after 2020 and the CEO would continue to be. Though with Parker, in an interview with CNBC that the sex-nothing to do with the fact that he’s no longer CEO, you will have to do.

In a message to employees, he wrote: “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not getting sick. There have been no problems that I can achterhoud. I believe that we as a company will be able to grow as a new talent to our team that has been a part of the Nike family.”

If Under Armour takes on Patrik Frisk, which is the current COO of the company, in the role of CEO as of on January to the year 2020.