New world record! 1.326, Ford Mustangs, form the longest parade ever seen in Lommel, belgium

If Ford has their 55th anniversary was celebrated with a great world record: 1.326 Mustangs passed to the court bailiff, in a huge procession. The Ford Mustang’s parade is the largest event ever dedicated to the Ford Mustang. The owners of the iconic vehicles from around the world gathered together this past Saturday at Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground. Combined with choreography,

1.326 wagons in a continuous convoy, and drove a distance of less than 20 meters away from each other, and a 1-kilometer-long. The previous record of 960 of the vehicles in Toluca, Mexico, easily crossed. “Having that pace up to 1.326, it is not an easy task”, says a pr officer, Because Libioul. “Ten miles per hour, and the right distance to maintain and requires focus. Ok, it was very exciting to watch.” In addition to breaking a world record, the 1.326 vehicles are also a common choreography. “At first, we thought that we have at least two or three times, should practice it. However, the first run was immediately even. Another highlight of the tour was a spectacular fly-over of the P51 Mustang, the fighter that his name was lent to the Ford Mustang, followed by the stuntvliegeniers of the Belgian Red Devils. Günther Neefs, who is last year’s musical Roots and the 66’ tour, made in the United States of america with a Ford Mustang, took the musical interlude for you.”

Lee Lacocca

Highlight: Lee Lacocca, the spiritual father of the Mustang, passed away a few weeks prior to the start of the event on the 94-year-old age group. The son of Italian immigrants in the U.S., as a national hero and the father of the Ford Mustang. Shortly after the second world war, he began his career as an engineer at Ford and worked there and all the way up. In spite of the fact that it is not boterde, Henry Ford II, the grandson of the founder of Ford, and the Ford Mustang under the policy as a great success. After a long career, he was with the words, ” I just don’t like you to leave the premises, after which he worked as the CEO of Chrysler, and to an even greater success story began. He was in the parade commemorates the 3500 people present during an emotional minute’s silence.
1700 entries

Although it is a very impressive record, it was the initial planned attempt, still grootster it. In total, they wrote no less than 1,700 Mustangs in order to take part in the borders. In spite of the announced rain, the organizers were able to count on a great turnout. The number of participants added up all the generations of the iconic Ford models, from 1964 until 2019. The chop shop-owners were also from all over Europe, with the 746 vehicles from austria, Belgium, 232 are located in Germany, 136 for the Netherlands, 75 the Uk, 68 in France, in 53 countries and a few Swiss, Monegasken, and even Russia. They all went home with a certificate as a tangible reminder of the breaking of the world record.