Thanks what’s New in Brussels: the Voil Jeanet beer. This golden beer named after the most well-known carnavalsfiguur of the country, is on the market, the separate group of The Toeigslet about. The brewery, The Glass Tower is located in the brouwwerk.

Christophe Holders will be overrun by posts from people who are new to beer, want to taste it. Yesterday, he announced that there will be a new beer on the market: Voil Jeanet. “This is not a new one that has a nightlife is just behind a beer or liquor will do. Wadesdavoriet was Wadjes-beer, and there is Ajoin beer, Kamiel brand and Gilles ‘ as a wine. We can do that with The Toeigslet a well, or so I thought. At first, I thought of the name “Toeigzweir, but in the end, the choice to” Voil Jeanet’.”

The beer isn’t finished yet, but at least two of the bars have already been notified if they are allowed to serve. Christophe is also working on a matching glass. “It’s a tripel 75cl, golden blonde with a solid head, with a confident, soft-hopped taste. The alcohol content is 8.5 percent.”

with A bottle of Voil Programme will cost only 5 euros! You can order them by sending an email to