Boxing-Katie Taylor wrote on Saturday, boksgeschiedenis. The 33-year-old Irish defeated the Greek Christina Linardatou, and picked up, as also for the WBO title in the superlichtgewichten. But, as so often in the camps for each other, there was at the end of the appropriate nature.

Taylor cited the reduction of the points (94-94, 97-93, 97-93) of the Linardatou, and it is now titelhoudster in two different divisions, and only two fellow americans were doing to her datvoor. But when her Greek opponent, depends, then, was that the penalty metric is not been the case. Linardatou, it is not in the least agree with the decision to give the victory to the Irish, so did she, and her entourage to be clear at the press conference after the camp in Manchester, england.

The ancient Greek was called Taylor for “being fake”. Immediately after that, the question of who is to rule the ramp. “I mean, they are not without controversy,” according to Linardatou. “She has done for me, not a knock, just as they have the Delfine Person does not have a solid background.”Linardatou, it refers the latter to the fighting between Taylor’s and the Person at the beginning of June.Our compatriot lost to Madison Square Garden and its cultural heritage preservation ACT, the title to Taylor in the points. On his (to put it mildly, controversial decisions.

Belgian boksbond had after that camp to file an official complaint, and demanded a rematch. That will come, as promised by the Irish at the end of september, in an interview with the BBC, and it confirms that they are in the video below. “There needs to be a rematch in the next twelve months, that’s for sure. I would like to fight there, so I love her even more that can beat you.”