Multimedia, Google introduced like Pixel-for-Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL for its new range of high-end smartphones by the end of October. What is remarkable is that it can be controlled with hand gestures, and they are priced at € 749, and $ 899, cheaper than the edition of three.

The-Pixel-4 in XL and it has a 6.3″screen (16 inches), the Pixel 4 has a 5.7-inch version (14,5 cm). The two monitors feature a 19:9 aspect ratio, and not a cut, but it is at the top but every time a bold line of cameras and sensors. At the very same place, because Google is also the Only radar is used for face recognition gebarenbediening.De Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) division and has worked at least five years, which is the radar, which is now so very small, that is, the technology in smart phones will fit.

What’s so special with that radar? He will detect the small movements around the phone. This is what the phone is, according to Google itself, the precise hand movements to recognize. This is then used for Motion Sense, and a methodeom of the Pixel to be interesting to be controlled by gestures. It would be a sign of a song to be able to pass on, your alarm will snooze or on your smart phone, just stop. Google is arguing that they are the algorithms, and, in the future, you can still improve and that there will be even more features will be added.

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– Variable speed

you may Also use specially: the beeldverversingsnelheid of the screen. According to Google, it changes automatically depending on what is being displayed. At times when the image is stationary, the refresh rate at 60Hz, to battery saving when it detects movement it should 90Hz-frame to ensure a smooth appearance.

there is no finger print scanner and more back to: Pixel-for-Pixel 4 can be unlocked wordenmet face. These images would not be stored in the cloud and will also be shared with Google’s services.Google’s use of the Titan M chip.