In the ‘The lighthouse,’ , a podcastreeks of the major Australian newspaper The Australian, share with the cousin, But Hayez in mind that there are new images have popped up. In bewakingsbeeldenvan a gas station in australia’s Byron Bay as it is to see a man in the direction of the hostel and walk in. According to the relatives of the missing, belgium is it possible that He is going to. “It’s similar to the way in which He walks,” said the student.

18-year-old, He Hayez, was on holiday in Australia when he was at the end of may and not returning to the hostel in Byron Bay in the state of New South Wales. It was a large-scale search was set up. Hundreds of local residents looked to the vanished teenager, and even when the police, in July, the search was officially abandoned.

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in the Meantime, I went into the new frames in the family of Hayez again, a message of hope.Michael Dorkhom, a nephew of the case, a Belgian, was the bewakingsbeelden a member of the staff of a petrol station.“Someone who works there, send me a message,” said Dorkhom in ‘to The Lighthouse’. “He told me that he was in the images from the cameras had to be checked, and saw someone on the street walk by. It fits in with the timeline of events. Even the way he walks.”

the unclear video footage to show what a man is, in the direction of the jeugdhostel to walk, and so walk away from the lighthouse, where the majority of the carried out search activities is made.

the Podcast

check out the podcastreeks ‘to The lighthouse’ viaApple PodcastsenSpotify. The English series that takes its name from the lighthouse at Byron Bay, where He’s the last signal was received.