Need to hurry as the city's residents will be able to buy two items and get three

due to numerous requests of customers in hypermarkets smartphone accessories Hello! extended popular share: 1+1=3.*

the Entire first month of summer every third item in the check goes to you for free.

to Buy case and glass, and charge — free

the Action “1+1=3” is a great opportunity to upgrade useful things for your smartphone and save. For example, you have chosen cover for 250 rubles, protective glass for $ 100 and charging cable for 99 rubles. The product with the lowest cost cable — gets you a gift.

Collect as many as you want, the offer is not limited to the number of goods and take advantage of the offer at any of the hypermarkets Hello!

the Stores are opened in Novosibirsk, Berdsk and Academgorodok. Outlets Hello for 18, choose where you prefer to look.