The tour of spain and The Movistar Team, was in the Vuelta a scapegoat after the highly-publicized attack of the team in the field began immediately after the fall of the red jumper Primoz Roglic in the nineteenth and early stage. Directeur sportif José Luis Arrieta was oblivious, and out to the UCI: “it appears that the importance of that, Roglic wins the game. Too crazy for words.” White jersey, Miguel Angel, Frank, is racing in the Spanish wielerformatie. “They’re idiots. A good piece of information for them.”

Arrieta has defended herself during the drive to the left of the action. He said, even to see where the commotion was coming from. “This kind of thing is in us all, as is often reported. With Alejandro Valverde in the Tour and the Vuelta a españa. But no-one asked why no-one in the united states have been waiting for. I don’t like to have someone to fall. However, we also have all of the rates lost due to a crash. And it had been the intention to attack the place. That was the tactical plan. Floor, Roglic just fell off”, this former bicycle racer himself.

In his turn, fell to Arrieta in the international wielerfederatie the UCI, to. “The decision to take action to stop it were our own, after the jury had been told that they would have to allow the riders behind the car and returned home. This should not, however, the officials will be grappling in it. When I was in the past, a victim of the crash, took over the UCI’s decision not to. Is it that the world of cycling? The UCI, which will decide who is going to win? Apparently, they are of importance, Roglic wins the game. Too crazy for words.”

Said: “the Idiots”

Miguel Angel Lopez, another victim of the trap, takes a devastating to the Spanish wielerformatie.”Movistar has some. It is not unusual for them to have something to benefit from it. It’s always the idiots who are about to do. Will always be the same. We know how to make them in races. They’ve already done so much. Hopefully one day they will also take a look at the front can attack, as it should be,” was it a very difficult time.

you may Also use the world champion, Valverde was doomed: “I’m angry, when I’m a world champion, we got to see the races. What a champion we have! A world champion needs to lead by example. And to show respect for themselves, to be respected. It was a lack of respect for the red jersey, and all of the other riders who had fallen.”