Trip In, Trip out during a night ride on the Bikedevils of a participant’s death. The man was sick, and called to his wife, but he died shortly afterwards. He was 51. “Unreal,” says organiser Eddy Truyaert. “It’s a disaster hits, and you feel helpless.”

for more than two years, mountain bike club Bikedevils from the Trip with a ride on the Sunday, the so-called Helletocht. About five years ago, it was a night ride attached to it, in the dark, on a Friday night. The participants will be equipped with lights and a monitor in a dimly lit obstacle course. A 51-year-old man from Tielt took the Friday night portion of the night ride, which started at the sports centre of The Magnet in the Trip. But along the way, things went wrong.

find participant

The bikers, who is reportedly not in the company of the tour finished, it was close to the clinic St. Joseph, ill. He stopped, took out a smart phone up and called his wife to say that he was anything but in good shape. The woman repte is located immediately to the Trip. In the meantime, had collapsed. He was found by one of the other participants. The Tieltenaar was reanimated, but to no avail. He died at the scene.