Blankenberge, belgium, Along with the Haelenstraat in the centre in Saturday morning fire in the basement of an apartment building. Five people, including a mother and her two children, and had to have the fire department had to be evacuated. They have been preemptively taken to the hospital.

The fire began at about 6.30 pm in a block of flats, close to the Market square. It was a tremendous development of smoke is visible from outside the building. Also, the inside was a dense smoke screen is formed, so that the existing residents via the staircase and were able to be evacuated. The fire brigade rushed to the scene and took the occupants out of their apartment by a ladder. Once the fire is relatively fast, and in control. From the initial observations, it appears that the fire originated in the basement. It could be a short circuit in an electrical appliance to be the cause, but it still needs to be taken care of. Of the five evacuated residents, including a mother and her two children were taken to the hospital in order to check if they do not want to smoke, inademden. They were lucky not to burn up. The police in Blankenberge, protected, pending the outcome of the bluswerken in the area, and kept the curious at a distance. The three apartments are in the rookschade is temporarily uninhabitable.