Brussels-In Molenbeek-Saint-jean, is the memorial of Loubna Lafquiri, who was killed in the terrorist attacks on the 22nd of march, was heavily damaged in an accident with a pick-up truck. Hety monument will soon be restored.

Lafquiri, a mother of three, died on the 22nd of march, 2016, and to live in the subway station Maelbeek. Last year, there was a square at the corner of Edmond Machtenslaan and The Rooverelaan named after her. She was also a landmark.

it’s the monument was severely damaged due to an accident involving a pick-up truck. The herdenkingssteen it fell, therefore, be decomposed into a number of items.

Molenbeeks mayor Catherine Moureaux, let know that the monument is restored, it will be used. β€œWe will make it as soon as possible, in the same way as before to renew it,” she says. β€œThe team of the branch are on-the-spot.”