NGS.RU continues to publish a series of articles to the 75-th anniversary of the Victory. We’re not looking for a ceremonial portrait shots from the front, and live — with a story, history, characters. Send you footage of the war years with a story about his family and we will publish them on the website and in a special account in Instagram. Already there there are many interesting frames. Today section “Frontline instagram” we will tell you about the girl who at age 18 went to war, became a well-aimed sniper and won the game Nazis-gunners.

Anna Andreyevna Koshevaya (after the war took her husband’s name — Ushakov) was born may 9, 1924, lived in the village of Budennovka in the South of Kazakhstan in Zhambyl region. Went to the front in 1943 — she was only 18 years old when she graduated from the Central sniper school. He fought in the 31st army’s 88th infantry division. Participated in the storming of Koenigsberg.