Livios World Ruysschaert from Helchteren bought for her twenty-five, in an apartment in Houthalen-Oost’. The president threw them a year to grow them. With a budget of amper17.500. Aanbouwsite Liviosvertelt them that is better than it has been.

After a degree in Tourism, had a Further (40) the reiskriebels to deal with. After a few years of traveling and working abroad, she was ready to settle down. “I had already been hired, and it felt like a waste of money,” says Molly. “Investing seemed to be a lot better in the long run. The woonbonus it was fiscally wise to invest in a home or property. I was looking for and finally found a small apartment to be renovated. I saw it as a good, at home, and at the same time as the apartment building.”

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