Microsoft has released its October Update for Windows 10. Users can download it since Tuesday. Automatically Download and install the new Version, in 1809, from 9 to happen. October. For Office 365 there is an Update. These innovations include:

connection to the Smartphone

With the newly introduced App “to your Smartphone” users are able to access directly from the PC to a connected Android Smartphone. For this you need to install the App from the Play Store and connect with your Smartphone App in Windows 10. This allows the wireless access to the Smartphone photos they take, which can be pulled out from the App via Drag-and-Drop, for example, directly in an Office document. In addition, the PC App gives you access to the SMS message, read and deleted can be sorted. “Your Smartphone” requires at least Android 7.0.

Timeline for Smartphones

With the Timeline mentioned function, users can see which files and programs you’ve opened in the past seven days. You can see this user is now on your iPhone or Android Smartphone – assuming you are in with your Microsoft Account logged in.


For the Recall tasks, Microsoft has made the App To Do. This is better integrated into Outlook and Skype. So users can, for example, drag a task To Do in a free time window in the Outlook calendar. Conversely, tasks from mail, you can Drag-and-Drop in To Do save. Also, users will be able to edit directly in Skype tasks.

Improved pen input

There are various devices with Windows 10, which can also be used with a stylus. For this purpose, Microsoft has improved the input is detected, for example, if users want to start a bulleted list. Popular medium for the representation of processes, Flowcharts, or flow charts. These are recognized by PowerPoint, when users draw appropriate words and forms.

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