eight of the ten goals in a League game: Michael “Mimi” Kraus, the 2007 world champion, has thrown the TVB Stuttgart quasi-single-handedly at the 37:34 (19:13)-victory against TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.

For more than nine years, no handball team has achieved so many goals in a League game. Quite satisfied with Kraus seemed to be not with his performance nonetheless.

“I hope that I could go ahead,” said the 35-year-old playmaker in Sky as modest. “Even if I have to say that I might have to make one or two goals more.” It was the first win for Stuttgart since the fourth round against the HSG Wetzlar. Already as Kraus was the best Stuttgart launcher, but gained “only” six matches. “I wanted to help the team, because we had a serious Phase,” said Kraus: “are You full with adrenaline and all of a sudden, it hits just the right decisions.”

For the record not filed the 18 goals but, Kraus would have had to make three more goals. Stefan Schröder from the former Bundesliga side HSV Hamburg scored in June 2009, that is 21 hits. On the last season round at the 43:16 victory against the Stralsund HV.

Kraus is not the only player in the Stuttgart, won in 2007 in the country the title of world champion. Goalkeeper Johannes Bitter is for the Swabians on the plate. The 36-Year-old impressed against Hannover-Burgdorf and showed eight parades. Stuttgart took the victory with 7:13 points out of the relegation zone.