“have entered Since I have been in this country, I am not quiet. Not a day I have been quiet. Always on the Lauer and belauernd me constantly umsehend and on the go. I’m wearing a swamp as a belly download in front of me, because I never have safe ground under your feet.” Liborio is the Teenager who says these sentences mean, and he has a Problem: The book, in which he helps out in his roof chamber he sleeps in, in any town beyond the border between the United States and Mexico, has been decomposed; to all appearances, exactly the heavy hitters, the disassembled shortly before Liborio.

Without a Job, without a home, with bruised bones, he does so on the search for a new livelihood. He works as a sparring partner in the Boxing ring. “The Bisnes is quite simple, Bro. I need someone who can handle impact like You”, says him, the Boxing coach. But Liborio, the beats not only keeps. He kicks himself with his feet, breaking wrists, destroyed those to whom he is supposed to serve as fist-fodder. Almost more important is the search for fulfillment of his desires. Liborio is in love with Aireen, a girl from the house opposite.

appeared As a “Gringo Champ” in Mexico in 2015, it was exactly the right book at the time. A straight 19-Year-old designed choppy as a language that was entirely its own,, out hissed at me, rough. You invented the words used but also those that were no longer actually in use. Therefore, Susanne deserves Long, the novel is translated, and the greatest respect. You gave this speech explosions gently into German, made a great concept.

author Aura Xilonen

of Course, first of all, you are fighting as a reader, when you see already in the first sentences, “Mickerfickern” and “fokkin Meridianern”. The good news: You get used to it. The even better news: The cast of long-Liborios is mixed with morsels of humanistic education, which is closely related to his work, because he eats the literature: Virgil, Dante, Cervantes, Dickens, Aesop, what he gets in the hands. “As I started to read the booklet, which contained no pictures, I found pleasure in the thoughts of the people who lived there, pressed between the pages without having to open the mouth. It was like a fokkin tensioner, the saw, everything that happened Inside.”

jump into the snake pit

In the middle of the book the tone changes anyway. The Harsh does not disappear, but it gets a tenderness, which is preparing to take command. From the story of a love story. From the love story of one of the humanity. From the wheel brother and prankster Liborio, the slips in the events, is a valuable part of society. All of this is not without complications, not every ending is happy, but the author takes as evidence for something you doubted at the beginning: your language does not wear out.

DISPLAY Aura Xilonen:
Gringo Champ

From Spanish by Susanne Lange

Carl Hanser; 352 pages; bound; order 23,00 Euro

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The Great thing about this language is that it emphasizes the realities at the same time, and nebulized. “Gringo Champ” tells the story of the quite recent history of a Fugitive, reported in flashbacks of how this line by proposing in a hostile country. It is also told by the mother that was never there, and the godmother, the Liborio only the worst wish. The culmination of this story of the leap into a snake pit, Liborio feels the animals – they do nothing to him.

Anyway, Aura Xilonen boosts your locations in a very own way. The staircase that leads to the house of Liborios Adored. The Villa, in which the journalist lives, and would like to write down using this young the great history of the Illegal in America. The children’s home with his holey tin roof, in which Liborio in the end. And of course the “Book”, the book store, in which his American journey begins.

If Xilonen from all these places, writes, it is as if you had switched to an effect unit, the moves, the look, the colors saturated, the individual items in highlights, maybe like in an old console game. You may find that, sometimes, too easy, as well as the key points of the plot – here are the books, the boxes symbolize very obviously two ways of life. The urgency of the Xilonen writes, her enormous voice of violence and, not least, the tenderness with which they observed their characters, spaces such objections but rapidly.