Serie A and He Will still score goals. Against Sampdoria, the 32-year-old Red Devil on This last week, even though do not touch, hit against San Marino, two-time winner. The eye-catching celebration of the first hit is made, for unwarranted speculation. Napoli won the match eventually with a 2-0.

Will has only had thirteen minutes to get the 1-0 one. The ball in from the right, tightly, for a purpose to be brought out by Di Lorenzo, and Will him to be a defender. The Red Devil’s did not hesitate, and pegelde to the 1-0 keys at the short corner to the inside. For a Will was made, but that is now in its seventh match in eight Serie A matches, and it was special to be celebrated, our fellow countrymen have thought of.

The goaltjesdief to grab the ball, put it under his shirt, and sat down on the floor. In addition, the Belgian is also still as though he were the steering wheel in his hands did. Had the Red Devil, need I know. On the social media sites, as well as in the Italian media, and was immediately a lot of speculation, but that turned out to not be necessary. Kat Kerkhofs, to the wife of Will, is that you are not pregnant.

β€œ ” I dedicate my goal to my friend Dolly, who has a belly like a ball,” wrote Will self in after the match on Instagram. And Kerkhofs of the balcony. β€œAnd the award for the most misleading doelpuntenviering going to go to Mr. Will.”

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It was not the only hit for Mertens. Twenty minutes prior to the time when he kicked, he also is 2-0 in goal. The substitute Fernando Llorente laid the ball back over a defender from Sampdoria went in front of Will in the purpose. The goal was initially disallowed for offside by Llorente, but the value hold up in.Will is now up to 112 goals in the shirt of Napoli. That’s three less than Diego Maradona, and nine fewer than Marek Hamsik, the topschutter all the time on This.