Medicine on the verge of fiction: how to shorten the path to motherhood from several years to several months

every year a growing number of problem pregnancies. Every year more and more men and women are not able to procreate for a variety of reasons: hormonal, genetic, immunological, etc. According to official statistics, 18% of couples are unable to become parents, some of them even on the background of “absolute health” for “unexplained reasons”. The unofficial figure is higher. Sounds scary.

However, along with it medicine actively develops. Doctors help you experience the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood even seemingly hopeless cases: after numerous miscarriages, history of cancer in fathers and mothers, after the removal of the uterus and ovaries. About the possibilities of modern medicine, about how to shorten the path to parenthood from a long exhausting years to a few months, we talked with Professor doctor of medical Sciences, honored doctor of the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist with more than 40 years of experience the founder of “Clinic of Pasman” Natalia Mikhailovna of Pasman.

We’ve examine a couple of: and woman and man

— Natalia, who operates “the Clinic Pasman” and to whom it seeks to help?

— We work so that men and women could experience the happiness of fatherhood and motherhood. I am sure if a couple — he and she want to be parents, they will succeed, whatever the difficult situation was. We conduct a full comprehensive examination of the married couple and she rendered assistance to a man and a woman to have healthy children and themselves to be healthy.

Health, both female and male, begins in utero. That the children were healthy, requires a very serious preparation before pregnancy. That pregnancy was easy, you need very seriously to prepare for it. Therefore, one of our most important specialties — adolescent and pediatric gynecology.

All the years long before the founding of the KliNicky I was carefully preparing couples for parenthood. I stress that preparation is necessary not only to women with problems, but also healthy women who, unfortunately, come very rarely.

As we prepare to pregnancy is mainly of patients from high-risk groups: those who could not get pregnant before, had a lot of adverse outcomes (stillbirths, miscarriages of non-viable pregnancies). This was the beginning of our clinic we did not see opportunities to fully examine this woman to determine the cause of the problems in public companies. Thus was born the idea to create a clinic where you will be able to provide high-quality various kinds of assistance — complete a comprehensive survey of married couples and assistance. And fortunately, today it is fully possible to implement.

Today we have all the necessary services to survey both women and men, to identify all possible factors non-occurrence of pregnancy: from inflammatory diseases, obstruction of tubes, “tubal factor”, various hormonal disorders (endometriosis, fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia) to genetic abnormalities, problems with hemostasis. Or “male factor”: it’s also infectious diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, diseases of the testicles), and testicular injury, hormonal disorders, and varicose veins of the testis, and congenital problems (abnormalities of the sex organs, the testis has not dropped in time, the incorrect location of the urethra) — all can be successfully treated with or medication, or using minimally invasive operations.

Often reveals multiple reasons for infertility, and the battle is on all fronts: eliminates obstruction of the fallopian tubes and inflammation in the uterus, treated endometriosis, normalizes ovulation, reduced sperm health.

Why healthy people can’t become parents?

Sometimes the non-coming of pregnancy responsible of immunological incompatibility partners. If this is not know, over the conception, you can fight for years and decades and wonder why perfectly healthy people could not be parents, then how the riddle is simple. Together with the Institute of clinical immunology SB RAMS we apply advanced methods of treatment and be sure to examine each pair for compatibility.

If it turns out that the cause of immunological infertility, the prescribed treatment with the help of alloimmunization lymphocytes partner — AIL. Subcutaneously injected lymphocytes taken from the blood of the husband that the body has ceased to deprive cells of an embryo.

— what is the role of hemostasis?

the Pathology of hemostasis, blood coagulation system along with the immunological problems lies in the basis of the so-called placeintoinlineframe diseases. Placenta — the nurse who nourishes the child, when occurred the embryo implants and starts its development. If a woman has a problem with hemostasis, and immunologic incompatibility, the efforts that we spent on that pregnancy took place naturally or using IVF — all for nothing: miscarriage happens.

Therefore, to obtain abortion after the onset of the long-awaited pregnancy, we investigate all the possible causes — in this our approach. Check for infections, hormones, hemostasis, immunological compatibility, uterine factor — all at once the first pair I painted. If you do everything piecemeal, as is commonly done in hospitals, it is possible to spend years. Some spend decades. We came up with a couple that 10 years have cured the infection. During this time she had no follicles in the ovaries, and he has sperm.

the Infection we are treating a maximum of two weeks. But if the immunological pair is incompatible, we can achieve this compatibility for two to three months.

Miracles happen!

— You said that if a man and a woman want to be parents, they have it worksI. But if the situation is hopeless?

— How we can help to be a parent? If you have your eggs, sperm (at least 2-3% normal forms of sperm cells), and passable pipes, we are trying to do everything to the pregnancy with minimal help when insemination with husband’s sperm.

But if he has only a single sperm or a oocyte or low ovarian reserve, we offer IVF, ICSI. Our wonderful team of gynecologists, reproductologists, embryologists achieves brilliant results.

whatever difficult the situation may be, we fight to the last and use all the opportunities that exist in the world. Even in a situation when a man has a single sperm into the egg, and we have no margin for error, we carry out different types of surgery under General anesthesia, receive the sperm, surgically fertilized oocyte (ICSI) and obtain a result.

we had a unique case: together with Professor Sergey Eduardovich by Krasilnikova. We treated a woman with borderline ovarian tumors. Initially one of our facilities, she suggested “all clean.” Imagine: a woman 27 years old, nulliparous, no partner. The Professor decided to remove the appendages from one side and the other side was repetirovali the ovary — but the danger there is that there are metastases in the second ovary, and it is necessary to remove — the practice around the world. But she nulliparous! The Professor held a consultation and decided that you will get ovarian tissue, oocytes. Stimulated ovulation and operations in the Oncology center, our embryologists have received ovarian tissue, went and froze oocytes. S. E. Krasilnikov went for another surgery — laparotomy, removed the omentum, on the one hand appendages was not, on the other hand he left a very small portion of the ovary and then had a cycle of chemotherapy. The patient received treatment, recovered. Cryopreserved oocytes all this time, waiting in the wings. She had a husband, could these oocytes OPLto totality sperm of her husband. But a miracle happened, and the woman became pregnant from the remaining piece of ovary! This is fantastic! And we carried and gave birth to this baby. Now she is a second child plans. Tell tears come. There is always hope.

we Have excellent urologists-andrologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, doctors-reproductologists, embryologists. Developed and patented unique methods for effective treatment of infectious, hormonal diseases, there is a unique laboratory of hemostasis, allowing to detect pathology of blood coagulation that influence the onset and development of pregnancy, we are conducting genetic and immunological studies, allowing to find the reason why the couple have not yet found the happiness of parenthood, work in all directions.

Before August 1, 2020 in clinic runs ECO program “All inclusive for 200 000 rubles” is the full IVF Protocol, fixed cost, no unexpected expenses and unnecessary anxiety.*

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