Meals on wheels: in Novosibirsk booming food-truck — show new and remember the interesting old

three-month ban on working as normal for Novosibirsk catering gave a powerful impetus to the street food. A few months in the city there are more mobile eateries than in recent years. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov collected all interesting that caught his eye, and at the same time remembered the most striking examples of this genre of the last decade.

What kind of truck this

Food trucks like the format and the style originated in the United States — most motorized country in the world. And where a lot of cars, there are many old cars that you can buy for a penny, a bit to clean, convert to the kitchen and start to sell hot dogs, tacos or noodles. Like all of us, food trucks have become popular all over the world. And now the food truck parks can be found even in surprising places like Venice.